The Church was Organized December 4, 1932, at 2:30 in the afternoon with nine members: Mr. B. K. Allen, Mrs. B.K. Allen, Rev Earl Slaughter, Mrs. Earl Slaughter, Mrs. W.B. Neterville, Mrs. W.E. Landrum, Maxine Allen, Mrs. Jane Hester, and Mrs. J.H. Webb.


A brief article in the local paper described the first meeting of the church:

North End Baptist Church is Formed

The North End Baptist Church was organized for the people of Pinecrest Addition in that end of town Sunday afternoon at a tent revival on the corner of Wilson and Steelton Streets. Approximately 25 members make up the charter list, according to Rev. Earl Slaughter, of Nome, who is conducting a revival in the tent and who is instrumental in organizing the new church. 

Services are being held twice daily by Rev. Slaughter and the Sunday night meeting was attended by more than 150, it is reported.

  1. 1932 1st met in a tent borrowed from First Baptist in Sour Lake. 
  2. In January 1933 NEBC met for the first time on the corner of Steelton and Wilson 
  3. on the damp ground, saw horse and board seats. No ROOF
  4. A rather crude building, known as the "Tabernacle" was completed shortly afterwards. It had saw dust and wood shavings on the floor. 
  5. In 1938 a new addition was built at a cost of $6000.00. This was the first time NEBC had a baptistry. On Sunday April 23, 1933, R.M. Barrow was the first man ordained as a Deacon at NEBC.